Welcome to The Remy Foundation!

A new and exciting network of Healthcare Services and Fun Activities for the Special Needs Community!

Meet Remy!

Remy is 10 years old.
Every day Remy strives to BE THE BEST THAT HE CAN BE!
Remy says a few words, but he mostly communicates through love and music.
Remy hums sad tunes when he is feeling not so happy.
But since Remy is almost always happy, he hums many happy tunes every day!
Remy shows us lots of love when he looks right into our eyes.
He smiles a lot, and sometimes gives us hugs and kisses!

Are You Ready to JUMP with Remy?

Remy’s Dad has turned one of Remy’s happiest tunes into a wonderful song!
We hope that this song will make you feel as happy as Remy is, and like Remy, you will BE THE BEST THAT YOU CAN BE ALSO!

Let’s sing and jump with REMY and his friends!!!

About The Remy Foundation

The Remy Foundation’s mission is to discover the unmet needs of the Special Needs Community and to strive to fill those needs. We plan to fill those needs with a mix of healthcare services and fun activities.

At The Remy Foundation, we strive:

To make the pharmaceutical needs of the Special Needs Community available at the lowest possible cost